Bubble Burster

Bubble Burster 1.0

Bubble Burster will bring hours of exciting bubble-destroying fun to your screen
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Do you want a game for those boring moments when you don't have anything to do?
Are you too tired to sit down and think a lot to solve those very complex games?
Would you prefer something simple to learn but exciting?

Bubble Burster will bring hours of exciting bubble-destroying fun to your desktop.

This great game will make you forget about your daily troubles, and get immersed in an exciting mission of destroying bubbles.

You have a cannon that will operate by moving the mouse.
Click on the mouse and the cannon will fire a bubble against the big group of colored bubbles on the top.

The bubbles come in different colors, and are accommodated randomly at the top of the screen.
They will start moving down slowly at first, and your mission is to destroy them all.
To do this, you have to aim your cannon to a place where you can join your bubble with at least two others of the same color.
If you hit them correctly, they will burst and disappear, leaving room for more bubbles at the top of the screen.

Be fast enough to destroy all the bubbles on the screen and you will advance to the next level.
Allow the bubbles to reach the bottom of the screen and you will lose the game.

The game has many options to control sound, music and more.
There are three game modes to suit every player from novice to expert.
It is a simple but addictive game.

Bubble Burster will surely keep you playing for hours.

Fernando Soni
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  • Simple, but not that easy in advanced levels
  • Addictive


  • A little hard to aim right
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